Raspberry Leaf is Not What You Think

Raspberry Leaf

If you thought that raspberry bush taking over your yard was nothing more than an annoyance, think again.  Provided you haven’t sprayed it with chemicals the leaves on the bush are good for you.

Women’s Issues

Raspberry leaf has been known throughout the centuries as an agent to prevent excess bleeding.  It has been used to relieve excess menstrual bleeding and to prevent excessive bleeding after birth.

It tones the uterus and has some reputation for easing and speeding up birth although not a lot of studies have been done on this action.

There are a number of sites on the internet arguing for and against drinking Raspberry Leaf tea during pregnancy.  Some say it is fine to drink it during the entire pregnancy some say only near the end.  I count myself as among the latter.  Calming morning sickness by eating ginger snaps just seems like a more delicious option.

My training taught me that the last 6 weeks of pregnancy this tea is safe.  My experience with pregnant women that drank raspberry leaf during the final 6 weeks is that although their labour didn’t actually seem to be shortened; none had excessive bleeding.

Blood Glucose

Recently there have been changes in the classification used to diagnose Type II Diabetes.  This means that many more people will be classified as Type II.  According to a study in Europe Pub Med Central, lifestyle changes can make a difference for people with elevated fasting and post-load plasma glucose concentrations.  This is excellent news because it gives the individual a chance to be proactive in their own health.

One of the things that Raspberry Leaf tea can do is assist in the regulation of blood glucose levels.  By this I do not mean that it is a substitute for insulin but simply that it can assist in lowering blood glucose.  There are numerous warnings about the dangers of raspberry leaf tea for those with diabetes.  The caution, Raspberry Leaf Tea may seriously reduce blood sugar levels.  I love it when the medical community cautions back up traditional herbal wisdom!

What Else Can Raspberry Leaves Do?

Raspberry Leaf tea has beneficial actions in diarrhea, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, removing excess hormones, fluid retention.

Just For Fun

Raspberry leaf tea is a tasty alternative to black tea.  It is particularly nice when iced.  You can use raspberry leaf tea bags or you can simply cut some of the green leaves (the younger the leaf the better the tea) and steep them in boiling water.  Add a touch of lemon and you are done.  Raspberry leaf also mixes well with lavender and lemon balm.  For those of you that prefer a sweeter tea simply add a little honey. 

So overall Raspberry Leaf tea is good for everyone, there are no side effects or contraindications.   My warning would be to wait till the final 6 weeks of your pregnancy to start drinking this tea and if you are currently being treated for diabetes, please consult your physician if you want to add this tea to your health regimen.

NOTE: This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner and is not to be interpreted as medical advice


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