Craft Fair Anxieties

Dish Cloths

Hello again! I am terribly sorry that I have been away from this for such a long time. Sometimes Life just happens. Actually sometimes Craft Fairs happen!

Getting prepared for the Christmas Market when there are only 3 official members of your craft group can be frustrating. When you are the group leader your “do we have enough” anxiety kicks in.

Table Runner

What is this?

My craft group is part of a church. There are 3 official members and one that pretty much comes once in a while. To me it is most important for the members to be creative in their own ways so we don’t have an official “to make” list. We do however, make sure we have some of the standbys that sell well.

We also have a number of talented people at the church that come in with last minute contributions of really nice stuff. The frustrating thing about this is that there is limited space. Although we have the most space at our market, I still have to make sure that we have room to display everything. Last minute additions are very hard to plan for.

Setting up for the Spring Tea Market

What to Make

Deciding what to make for the market very much depends on your customers. Our customers love greeting cards, fun earrings and dish cloths. They do not want much of the traditional “church bazaar” stuff. Sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error.

If you decide to enter into a craft market/fair, I would recommend doing some research on how to sell at craft markets. Sometimes sticking to a single item can be very successful.

Right now it is Christmas so all the stress of the Christmas Market is over and the Spring Tea hasn’t started.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Crafty New Year


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