Top 5 Online Yarn Shops

Before I decide to spend a lot of money on yarn from an online source I like to make sure the cost, quality and delivery are what I expect. So far I have been very pleased with the products and service. Here are my top 5 online yarn stores.

Number 5

Elann is a shop that is only available through Amazon. Although it is close enough for me to pick yarn up from, they sadly (for me) closed that portion of their site down.

I have tried a couple of different yarns from Elann but let’s be honest, I fell in love with Pippi Longcolors. Of course, having read Pippi Longstocking as a kid I had to try this yarn.

The striping is amazing with no huge color pools. It comes in a large range of colors and I have tried many in both the regular weight and the lite.

Recently they renamed the yarn Impromptu. Personally I like the original name but I LOVE with a capital L this yarn. Easy to work with and beautiful. Check out the pictures! The two Driftwater Blues came from 2 different dye lots.

Number 4

Vegan Yarn is strictly an online shop. The owner Heidi is delightful and may not know it but she is beloved amongst the knitting and spinning community. Heidi hand dyes all her yarn. Some she has spun herself and some she has brought in the base yarn. Her colors are beautiful. As the name implies all of the yarns are plant based. Cotton, linen and bamboo are some of her base yarns.

Recently she donated some yarn ends to a group I am in that knits for charity (just one of her charities). It was so beautiful to work with! Easy on the hands, soft, drapes and perfect for what we are using it for. I’m glad I bought a few skeins for me!

There is a link to Vegan Yarn at the beginning of Number 4. Just click on the name and I will get a small amount from each sale. In the meantime here is a picture of my projects or you can check out my earlier blog First Pattern

Number 3

Colourmart About Us page states “Welcome to ColourMart, the top online supplier of remainder luxury yarns, particularly cashmere, silk and extra fine merino. We source our yarns from the best Scottish and Italian mills…”

I was curious about these folks a few years ago because they had cashmere and other gorgeous yarns for a very very good price. I ordered one cone of cotton cashmere for $18 CDN shipping included. It took a week or so to get here but was pretty much what I had ordered.

I have since ordered many different yarns from them including 100% silk for a seriously low price. Their prices are excellent and include shipping. Their customer service is also excellent. Their colors are getting more varied and some are stunning.

The only drawback is that they don’t use the same terms like bulky or medium or 2 or 4. They have a gauge system of numbers like 2/23NM. It sounds strange but they also have a page that explains what each number actually means.

I definitely recommend trying some yarn from these folks. Unfortunately I never took pictures of the scarf I made from the cashmere I bought.

Number 2

Hobbii is a new online shop I just tried out. I have been looking at it on Facebook and wondering about it. The prices are crazy good compared to the prices in Canada. Hobbii is in Denmark.

To try them out I bought 2 mega balls of acrylic. Each ball is 400g and approx 1300 yards or 1200m. That is a lot of yarn for $8.99!

The prices are in US dollars but the shipping is only $7.50 and free over $74. Shipping is actually cheaper from Hobbii than from some US sites. It took about one week to arrive and they have crazy good tracking so you can see exactly where your yarn is.

The colors are gorgeous and I am definitely going to pick up some of their finer yarns as well. In the meantime here is a picture of one of the balls I just received.

Gorgeous forest green

Number 1

Of all the yarn I have ever bought I have to say that Knitpicks is my absolute favorite! I think I have tried most of their yarns.

I love Cotlin and Wool of the Andes, Comfy and Dishie and Stroll. I currently have a fairly large stash of Galileo and Cotlin.

Each of their yarns has a whole range of projects that it is perfect for. I have made tank tops and face scrubbies, dish cloths and blankets and ponchos and more.

Knitpicks is an absolute gem. The prices are very reasonable, customer service is excellent and the colors and choices of fibre are second to none. Now I just have to convince them to open a distribution centre in Canada! I will happily be their spokesperson.

Some of the projects I have made from various Knitpick yarns. FYI the Shine Sport is actually a rich French Blue but I am not a photographer.


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